We are proficient in, mechanical forest industry, general cargo automation, paper-, metal- and machine tools industry.

We have been involved in the entire life cycle of projects, so experience has been gained from mapping customer needs to the post-commissioning on-call cycle.

Paper industry

Kaolin plan

Press section

Drying section

Calender and roller

Roll packaging machines and conveyor systems

Sheet cutters

Mechanical woodworking


Sorting / peeling line


Grinding lines

Veneer stacker


Automatic plate puttying lines (Advanced Movement Control)

Automatic Veneer Patching Lines (Advanced Movement Control)

Metal industry

Roller testing system

Gearbox testing equipment

Automatic cranes

Automation surveys of small machine shops

Logic exchanges

Car industry

Car factory air conditioning

Trolley measuring equipment

Dairy industry

Automatic storage system

Sorting line

Handling of rollers